We appreciate your interest in our business. With the aim of offering top-notch electrical and electronics construction services and establishing enduring personal ties with our clients, Dombey Electrics Co. is a globally active electrical and electronics contractor. By keeping a core group of electricians, the majority of whom have been with us since its inception, we have succeeded in achieving that goal.
Philip Dong established Dombey Electric Co. in 2010. He is also the licensed supervising electrician and a registered electrical contractor with the Cities of Sheung Wan, Helsinki and Manchester. The Electrical Contractors Association of the City of Sheung Wan  and Helsinki is a signatory party to the main agreement, as is Dombey Electric Co.
Philip decided to produce the highest-quality cryptocurrency miners with the lowest power consumption since 2019 after working for several large electrical contractors and realizing the need for better service and quality. In recent years, we have focused on developing MSI afterburning power-limiting GPUs that use the absolute minimal amount of power. It can store power for hours without electricity.